beauty hacks EVERY GIRL should KNOW!

Today I am sharing with you guys my favorite beauty tips/tricks/hacks/secrets? That I think every girl should know. Send me your tips/hacks and I will be sure to add them, so we can all help a girl out!


  1. The first tip I have is for when you are out for the night (or in general) and your face starts to get oily, go to the bathroom and see if they have a toilet seat cover. Please. Make sure it’s clean. Tear a piece off and use it as a blotting sheet, the covers are made of the same material as blotting sheets! If the bathroom you’re in doesn’t happen to have the toilet seat cover, usually public restrooms have super dry toilet paper, which will also do the trick. (maybe not as well)


  1. If you carry a small makeup compact to touch up your face, don’t carry around a makeup brush with you as it will just get extremely dirty/probably ruined in your purse. Stick a cotton round in the compact and switch it out with a new one as you use them.


  1. If you put the TINIEST amount of Vaseline on the spots where you spray your perfume (behind neck, on wrist) then spray your perfume will last SO MUCH LONGER. You will not have to worry about smelling later on, or you won’t have to worry about carrying an entire bottle with you! It sounds a little crazy, but I PROMISE you it works.


  1. If you wear a lot of makeup, or you are trying to clear your skin from acne. Try shaving your face. Now, DO NOT use a razor to do this. I use a brow trimmer/shaper that is under $4 for 3 of them (I will link it here) and just gently use them to remove any peach fuzz. I’ve been doing this for quite some time, and I think it really helps! Since you are not shaving your face, the hair will not grow back any thicker/darker so don’t worry. This helps makeup lay on your skin, and helps your skin care products cleanse and perform so much better


  1. Last but not least, If you have super thick/dark arm hair and you are insecure about it but don’t want to put in the time/money to wax or shave your arms, try using a trimmer guys use to cut their hair (without the guard) and just trim the hair on your arms. I personally do not have this issue, but it is something that is not high maintenance. I know a few people who do this and they love the outcome! (The hair will not grow back thicker than before) This also looks the most natural out of all the options!



I hope you learned something here, and again if you have any tips/hacks send them my way and I will be sure too add it in here!


Xx, Lauren


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