DIY Lash Extensions: Blinkifly

Ladiessssss!! I love me a good pair of lash extensions but the price is just gut wrenching!! I found Blinkifly on Instagram and snagged a pair of “The Darling” lashes along with the No Fly Ultra Stick Adhesive. They are a lash extension alternative that lasts 5-7 days, each packs has 3 sets – so about a months worth of lashes if you wear them daily! The best part is, you can wash them and reuse them if you choose! (um hellll ya!) I think my total was just over $30!!! They were so sweet to give me a discount code for y’all so you can use LAURENF10 at checkout and save even more!

Not gonna lie, I am the absolute worst when it comes to putting on any type of lashes, whether it is these or strips – I can just never seem to get it. I did struggle a bit at first trying to figure out just where to put my freaking hands, but after doing it once it just became routine! Patience is your best friend when applying and if you get frustrated I would start the other eye or go play with your kitty!! Pro tip- watch the videos they have on their IG if you are clueless where to begin like I was! SO helpful!!

Step 1: Remove all makeup on your face, especially mascara and/or eye shadows – Remove contacts as well!

Step 2: Apply glue on lash piece and let dry until tacky (I blow on it for a few seconds) then apply UNDERNEATH your lashes – I find it easier to place on your lash line and push up with finger or lash applicator/tweezers.

Step 3: Continue process until complete. The inner corners are tough but find a position that is most comfortable (I like to pull my eyelid up like pictured below)

If you’re anything like me – you WILL get glue in your eye, it doesn’t burn and went away quickly. Just a weird feeling the first time you experience it! I only use 3 pieces because I have small eyes apparently, and you can always cut the inner corner to your liking. Experiment and find what works best for you!! I hope you LOVE them as much as I do, I was ~ecstatic~ when I found their Instagram! EnJoY!!!



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